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Welcome to Advantage Packaging Supplies

We are located centrally within the Sydney Industry Business Hub. Our extensive range of products, mostly well known brands, have been the major contribution to us being a preferred supplier to high scale consumers of packaging requirements.

We supply in bulk increments giving our clients a cost saving and convenient sourcing of supply. Our company slogan "Your Source Of Bulk Packaging Supplies" says it all.


Our experience in productivity solutions is outstanding with high recommendations from all of our clients.

For example by introducing just one pallet wrapping machine into a production line, it has shown a saving of over $100,000 PA in a mid sized company.

This is based on using Wrapit Premium Cast Machine Film with a yield of more than 6,000 lineal metres on just one roll of pre stretched film through a powerhead machine, also supplied by Advantage Packaging Supplies.

Greg FaustThe equations measure up to less than 0.008 cents per metre or an average of $0.57 per wrapped pallet, good sense in anyone's business.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and other ways we can save your business money.

Greg Faust
Owner operator APS




Because we are an owner operator business, sales, deliveries, backup service and advise are maintained by the owner. In other words, it all starts and finishes with me!

Loyalty Program

If you contact us with your original quote
we will give you a
further 5% discount!

Company Policy

We are an Australian company, family owned and operated. Our aim is to provide the best price and service possible at all times.